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Lotus Lister Bronze Multi Crinkle Patent Ballet Pump h3mp9I4pA
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Lotus Lister Bronze Multi Crinkle Patent Ballet Pump h3mp9I4pA Lotus Lister Bronze Multi Crinkle Patent Ballet Pump h3mp9I4pA
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Click here for more predictions that came true more than 30 days from today’s date.

Thursday Night Tarot

June 7 @ 7:00 pm - July 12 @ 10:00 pm

2018-2019 Prediction Highlights

2018-19. Jeanne Mayell made these predictions, some as far back as 2014. Many also fit visions seen by those who have participated in our Read the Future events. The next event will be in September date TBA. To join us, click on the button at the top of the page to be added to our list.

Overview: As democracy is being eroded, an age of enlightenment is rising beneath the headlines.

1. Financial Markets: I have been seeing volatility in the markets throughout 2018. Some of our readers are seeing the year ends on a down note although this prospect is not seen by all. In one strong reading I did several years ago, A bear market may be coming in 2019 or 2020.

1. Financial Markets:

2.U.S. Congress:

While the federal government appears to be dark, a force of progressives will begin to unify and show strength in late 2018. The 2018 Midterm elections

3. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and Prosecution of Donald Trump:

GOP will continue to try to restrict Mueller investigation, each step more desperate and closer to a Constitutional crisis, if earlier steps fail.

4. War

The nuclear war that many feared might happen in the fall of 2018 does not show up in my visions.

5. Erosion of Social Programs in the U.S.

6. Climate Change

7. Rise of New Generation of Progressives

2020-2100 prediction highlights – click here.

To see all of the predictions, scroll down to 2018 Predictions.

Thursday Night Tarot

June 7 @ 7:00 pm - July 12 @ 10:00 pm


Latest visions (made April 29, 2018)

For predictions, scroll down further. First are a messages from spiritwhich I have grouped by subject:

You are loved. Be true to your Self. Be brave.

Connect with the earth, with the ancients, and with each other

Go do the work

Climate/Earth (May 2018)

Positive – Shows the seeds being planted and the direction we are headed




Positive (July 2018) – shows the direction we are headed


Congress/Politics (July 2018)

International (July 2018)

Climate/Earth (July 2018)

August 2018

Positive – these show the seeds being planted and the direction we are headed









Positive Visions for therest of 2018 (May – December 2018) – showing the seeds being planted and where we are headed

Other visions for the rest of 2018 (May – December)












Positive – Where we are headed



More Positive Messages about the Future – from 2018 onward

A Coming Peace and the Rise of Love

The Rise of Courage and Hope to Push Through the Dark

Healing the Earth

The Rise of Women

Spiritual Healing

Return to Community and an Understanding of Interconnectedness of all beings

The Rise of Activism and Revolution (non violent)

Scientific Cures and Healing Solutions

I see a pyramid with an eye, like on a dollar bill. It’s the eye of Provenance. Then I see images of Italy on the map and of Big Ben in London and am thinking that something is going to happen involving Brexit negotiations. (Arianne)

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Back Home in Your Body, At Last

By Sara Gottfried MD
Want to know the optimal lab ranges to keep your locks luscious and hormones in check? Grab my free guide, Optimal Lab Ranges , to see if your numbers measure up.
If there’s one thing in the world that a woman takes seriously, it’s her .

We cut it, we style it, we love it, we loathe it. Let’s be honest – good hair makes us feel confident and sexy.

So what’s a girl to do when those lovely locks start shedding?

After giving birth, reaching menopause years or experiencing other hormonal imbalances , it’s not uncommon for women to start losing hair. And while hair loss is a normal process (the American Academy of Dermatology estimates the average person sheds about 50-100 hairs a day), it’s also something that can be remedied by addressing underlying health and hormonal problems.

If hormones can zap your energy and steal your sex drive , it’s probably no surprise that they can also turn your tresses into a mess. Here are just a few ways that hormonal issues can cause hair loss:

Estrogen, the power player in women’s bodies, is your friend . It makes you feel energized, helps stabilize your moods and contributes to a healthy sex drive . Yet too much estrogen, which can be caused by weight gain, perimenopause or toxicity from exposure to endocrine disruptors (which are rampant in our food, water and plastic products), can lead to thinning hair. During and after pregnancy , for example, estrogen levels peak and then dip, causing sudden hair loss for many women.

Insulin, that helper hormone in charge of regulating blood sugar levels , also affects a number of different body processes, including fat storage, heart health and, you guessed it, hair growth. One study published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Risk found that women with some markers of insulin resistance have a greater risk for androgenic alopecia (AGA) , or female pattern baldness.


In men, testosterone is associated with being big, burly and . But too much testosterone in women creates all sorts of unpleasant results. Namely, it can cause hair on the face, neck or chest, and hair on your head. Not pretty.


Your body is an intelligent system. So when it’s under stress due to hormonal imbalances, like fluctuating thyroid levels, it redirects energy used for noncritical processes (hair growth) to more important matters at hand (balancing your hormones). Low thyroid is often the cause of that thinning scalp some women get as they age.

If you’re tired of yanking out gobs of hair from the bathroom drain or piling on products to pump up your ponytail, here are three strategies that have helped many of my patients address the root cause of hair loss:

Because there are a number of different factors that can contribute to hair loss, it’s best to ask your doctor for a few different tests. I recommend checking: fasting glucose, iron levels and complete blood count (which can determine if you have anemia), as well as thyroid, estrogen and testosterone levels. These assessments should give you a better understanding of what hormonal issues may be at the root of your problem.

Incorporating more fiber into your diet will help to lower estrogen levels through the process of “elimination” (i.e., excess estrogen will come out in the wash). Focusing on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet with lots of veggies will improve insulin resistance that may be contributing to hair loss.

Nutrients, or lack thereof, can affect hair growth, too. Vitamin A helps fat synthesis in hair follicles, encouraging growth; vitamin E helps protect your hair cells from damage; and B vitamins also help to restore hair thickness and shine. Vitamin C and zinc also help to repair cellular damage from the inside out, which makes for a healthy mane.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic solution, pill or product that will correct hair loss entirely. But if you think of your hormones as a cast of characters, knowing which ones are leading the show and which ones are only playing a supporting role can help you get to the bottom of the issue. If you haven’t already, take my free hormone quiz – it can help you determine what tests you may want to request from your doctor and which lifestyle or dietary changes may benefit you most. In the meantime, manage your stress levels and get enough sleep . This will help with general hormone balance and can protect your precious locks from any further damage.

One of the questions I often get asked is,

I’ve put together a free guide for you to download, which outlines optimal lab ranges for common hormone tests. It’s my hope that it supports you to become an even sexier, juicer version of YOU!

To resetting your hormones for optimal health,

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About Sara Gottfried MD

Sara Gottfried, MD is the New York Times bestselling author of the new book, . Her previousbestsellers are and .After graduating from Harvard Medical School and MIT, Dr. Gottfried completed her residency at the University of California at San Francisco. She is a board-certified gynecologist who teaches natural hormone balancing in her novel online programs so that women can lose weight, detoxify, and slow down aging. Dr. Gottfried lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband and two daughters.

– Janice Lunde, Dr. Sara’s Detox Challenge Participant

This is insane. It should be an uncontroversial statement that one should be able to understand what a program does by reading its source code. This is not possible with the Angular DSL, because as shown above a variable binding may depend on the order in which a user interacts with a web page. What’s even more insane is that it is not even consistent: Whether or not a new scope is introduced by a directive is up to its implementer. And if a new scope is introduced, it is up to its implementer to decide if it inherits from its parent scope or not. In total there are three ways a directive may change the meaning of the code and markup that uses it, and there’s no way to tell which is in play without reading the directive’s source code. This makes the code-markup mix so spectacularly unreadable that one would think it is deliberately designed for obfuscation.

When variable scope is determined by the program text it is called lexical scoping. When scope is dependent on program state it is called dynamic scoping. Programming language researchers seem to have figured out pretty early that dynamic scoping was a bad idea, as hardly any language uses it by default. Emacs Lisp does, but that is only because Richard Stallman saw it as a necessary evil to get his Lisp interpreter fast enough back in the early 80s .

JavaScript allows for optional dynamic scoping with the with statement. This is dangerous enough to make , and it is very rarely seen in practice. Nevertheless, with-statements are similarto how scoping works in Angular.

At this point, I imagine some readers are eager to tell me how to avoid the above problem. Indeed, when you know about the problem, you can avoid it. The problem is that a new Angular user likely does not know about the problem, and the default, easiest thing to do leads to problems.

The idea of the Pit of Success is said to have been a guiding principle in designing platforms at Microsoft.

The Pit of Success: in stark contrast to a summit, a peak, or a journey across a desert to find victory through many trials and surprises, we want our customers to simply fall into winning practices by using our platform and frameworks. To the extent that we make it easy to get into trouble we fail.

Rico Mariani, MS Research MindSwap Oct 2003.

Angular tends to not make you fall into the Pit of Success, but rather into the Pit of Despair – the obvious thing to do leads to trouble.

Angular has a built in dependency injector that will pass appropriate objects to your function based on the names of its parameters:

Here, the names of the parameters $scope and $window will be matched against a list of known names, and corresponding objects get instantiated and passed to the function. Angular gets the parameter names by calling toString() on the function, and then parsing the function definition.

Norfair: If you want to get the map, it's in the second door on the left (it's orange). Go into the first door on the left. Run through it, but don't go through the door. Power bomb to find an opening in the ground. Fall through it and go in the door on the left. Fall down this room and go into the door at the bottom. Speed run through this next room. You will end up in a room with a green door on the bottom and a blue door on the right. You can save in the second door up on the right (I'd recommend it because a boss is coming up next). Go into the green door on the bottom and fight Crocomire . Ignore what's to the right and go into the door on the left. The door on the bottom right in this room is a saver. Go into the blue door on the bottom and drop down the shaft. Go into the first pink door on the right and keep going right in this room to receive missiles (80) . Go back into the long shaft and into the bottom door. Set off a power bomb to get rid of all the stuff. Now super run to the left and press down at the very edge of the ramp. Jump into the shallow lava and jump up. As you're falling back down, press right to get missiles (85) . Go back to the long runway (if you roll into the pathway on the right of the missiles, you'll fall back down to it). Run again, but this time don't press down, just jump off the ramp to land on a platform with a blue door. Go into the door and you'll receive grappling. Jump up the small blocks on the left side, grapple across the ceiling and go into the door. Grapple over the water and go through the door. Go up to the top of this room and into the door on the top right platform. Grapple across this room, into the door, and then go through the door in the ceiling. Jump up onto the top right platform, and then grapple on to the flying creature on the left to get into the pink door on the top left. Inside are power bombs RTRY Womens Shoes Nubuck leather Fall Winter Comfort Novelty Fashion Boots Bootie Boots Chunky Heel Pointed Toe Booties/Ankle Boots Rivet US5 / EU35 / UK3 / CN34 RzJ9ME
. Go back to where you fought crocomire (top right door) and grapple across the lava to the right. You'll get an energy tank (6) . Go in the door in the ceiling and then go up and into the top door on the left. Go up and grapple to the left to get missiles (90) . Go back out of this room the way you came, then go down the shaft and into the bottom right door. Go through this room and into the door at the end on the right (it's an energy recharger). Keep going right until you get to a long shaft (you'll have to roll through a passage to get to it). Go into the top door on the right. Keep following the path until you get to a tall room with more than two doors. Go into the top most door on the right. Go across the moving platforms to reach a gate (you may want to take off your high jump boots). Once you're through the gate, grapple across and go through the pink door to get wave beam. Go back out and into the tall room (make sure to grapple back across) and go into the top door on the left into the big bubble room. Use grappling to go across and into the green door at the top left to get missiles (95) . If you happen to fall down before getting to this room, you can freeze the flying guys to get back up to it. Shoot the floor on the bottom left and a metal pipe will lift up. Bomb and roll through the crack and follow the path all the way to the left to get a reserve tank (2) . Shoot the last little platform on the left to get missiles Van Dal Women’s Banks OpenToe Sandals Blue Blue lrv3hKN3
. Go back into the bubble room. Go into the blue door on the bottom left and keep going left until you get to the long shaft with the elevator. Go up the elevator and into Brinstar.

It’s a human-influenced, media influenced, life influenced brand. My designs are easy, yet expressive. My artwork incorporates the small things that make us interesting, meaning our personalities and attitudes from the hair we rock and the music we listen to. My hope is that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating them.

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